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40 - MicroLogix 1400 Learning/Development Station


Read all of the listing below before you order!!! 14 - 21 business days should be considered when ordering. Email us for expedited costs.

The price shown is a typical price for the basic unit with a USED but tested 1766-L32BXB. We do not stock the controllers, just the digital field device simulators.  The base station is available with either a BXB or a BXBA station. They can be ordered with a new processor or a used processor.

These are identical to the stations in current use in our live classroom training. Six of the digital inputs and outputs are connected to the digital field device simulator with enhanced input configuration. Each of the six inputs has four states for running your projects; maintained off, maintained on, momentary normally closed push button and momentary normally open push button.

In addition to those pre-wired digital field device simulators, additional inputs and outputs are extended to the green (outputs) and blue (inputs) terminal blocks for additional lab projects and benchtop development of your processes. All stations include the digital field device simulator. 

The BXB supports High Speed Counter Inputs (Orange terminal blocks)and PTO/PWM Outputs (White terminal blocks). The appropriate terminals are extended to the white and orange terminal blocks. In some cases, you are required to have the simulator inputs in the maintained OFF position to use the high-speed counter inputs.

Field device simulators have two power input jacks to allow daisy chaining to multiple units, one power adapter supplies all.

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