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Working with Programmable Logix Controllers in Manufacturing



We put the Factory into this course and we can put this course into your factory.

The curriculum is designed for electricians, technicians and engineers that have little or no experience with programmable logic controllers. It is also suitable for technical personnel with experience using controllers other than Allen Bradley, as well as those that need a refresher on PLCs. The course starts at the most fundamental level and progresses with each additional day.

The hardware platform used will be Micrologix1000 with Micro Starter Lite programming software. For the sake of the maintenance of existing AB platforms found in most manufacturing facilities, PLC2, PLC3, PLC5, SLC500, 1771 racks of memory and I/O configurations will be discussed as well.

The learner will take away a solid understanding of what a PLC is, how PLCs are implemented, and the necessary skills to analyze ladder logic diagrams for the use of troubleshooting the processes/machines controlled by a PLC. Attendees take home the project manual and a bonus disk that includes free software and hardware manuals.

Why we put such emphasis on "Hands-ON" learning...


Some of the lecture subjects and supporting lab projects with a real PLC:

Computer hardware and operating systems on the shop floor

What is a programmable logic controller?

What is machine control and what is process control?

Mastering RSLinx for the shop floor – reducing downtime

Using RSLogix500 as a troubleshooting tool – reducing downtime

Troubleshooting PLC Hardware – reducing downtime

Recognizing and troubleshooting the communication protocols and adapters

Troubleshooting manufacturing processes with RSLogix500 to reduce downtime

PLC2/3/5, the 1771 chassis and I/O modules – time permitting

SLC500, the 1746 chassis and I/O modules

Micrologix1000/1100/1200/1400/1500 processors and expansion modules

This offering is a four day class with the option of not attending Day One.

Certificate of Completion available for all attendees

Certificate of Competency awarded for successful participation in online tests at the end of each day of participation.  All participants must demonstrate knowledge of the subjects covered in day one, attended or not.

Day One – A Survey of the Electrical Systems in Industrial Automation

  • Basic Electricity
  • Voltage Types and Levels used in Industrial Control Systems
  • Power Distribution in Industrial Control Systems
  • Basic Control Circuits
  • Hands-On experience with simple industrial control circuits
  • Using Laptop and Desktop Computers to Troubleshoot Industrial Control Systems
  • Basic Digital Multi-meter use in Troubleshooting Industrial Control Systems

Day Two – An Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers

  • The Industrial Control System without a Programmable Logic Controller
  • Machine and Process Control Elements, the “controlled” objects
  • Hands-On experience with more complex industrial control circuits
  • Detailed demonstration of RSLogix
  • Relay Coils vs. Bits of Memory
  • Understanding Number Systems when troubleshooting Industrial control systems
  • Interpreting Controller Memory structure for troubleshooting purposes
  • Hands-On experience configuring and maintaining communications with RSLinx
  • Hands-On experience with PLC Program file, archived, offline and online with the controller
  • Hands-On experience with basic rungs of logic
  • Understanding the relationship between input field devices and the controller’s logic
  • Hands-On experience troubleshooting the One Shot instruction in control logic


Day Three – Troubleshooting PLC Programs Pt.1

  • Understanding computers used to control industrial processes
  • Detailed demonstration of online editing of PLC programs with RSLogix
  • Hands-On experience with PLC programs that use the timer instructions
  • Removing, relocating, replacing and adding PLC hardware
  • Hands-On experience with PLC programs that use the counter instructions
  • Detailed demonstration of the controller’s modes of operation
  • Hands-On experience dealing with file instructions encountered in the process of troubleshooting PLC programs

Day Four – Troubleshooting PLC Programs Pt.2

  • Hands-On experience interpreting Masked Results and Comparison instructions in the course of troubleshooting PLC programs
  • Hands-On experience with math instructions encountered when troubleshooting PLC programs
  • Hands-On experience with Move and Logical instructions encountered when troubleshooting PLC programs
  • Hands-On experience with file shift and bit shift instructions encountered in the course of troubleshooting PLC programs
  • Hands-On experience with common sequential logic encountered when troubleshooting PLC programs
  • Interpreting High Speed Counter instructions in ladder logic diagrams
  • Detailed discussion of the message instruction
  • Final wrap-up

Along with extensive lab projects throughout the course, the learners that finish projects early will have access to additional projects in the form of challenges for which to develop solutions.

Full four day class:             $1,949.00