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RM 111 - History and Technology

This are videos of various origins that will establish more points on their curve...in a mathematical sense.

History 01 John Vincent Atanasoff Short Video

This video is some short facts about John Vincent Atanasoff.

History 02 John Vincent Atanasoff Presentation

This video requires some patience to watch. For those looking for the key elements of Invention and Technology. Listen with expectation and respect.

History 03 Computer Pioneers Pt.1

Part 1 of 2 The Dawn of Electronic Computing 1935 1945

History 05 Computer Pioneers Alan Turing at Bletchley Park

Computer's multimedia editor Charles Severance visits Bletchley Park to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Alan Turing's birth. Turing's ground-breaking work in the 1940s continues to have an impact on computer science as we know it. The Turing test, Turing machine, Turing completeness, and Church-Turing computability bear his name in acknowledgment of his early breakthroughs and influence. In the video, we see the German Enigma machine used to encrypt messages, and the BOMBE mechanical computing system that was designed by Alan Turing to crack the Enigma code. We also see the first electronic tube/valve-based computer called the Colossus that was built to break the more sophisticated Lorenz SZ42 encryption used for Hitler's strategic messages during World War II. We see and hear both the BOMBE and Colossus running as if they were in production doing code-breaking during the war.

History 06 Computer Pioneers Code Breakers at Bletchley Park Pt.1

Documentary series looking at the top-secret work carried out during WWII at Bletchley Park. 1 of 4: This programme looks at the huge task Station X staff faced in breaking codes produced by the German Enigma encoding machine. It includes recreated events and interviews with codebreakers Arthur Levenson, Prof Donald Michie, Tony Sale and Mavis Batey, and WAAF Gwen Watkins.

History 07 Computer Pioneers Code Breakers at Bletchley Park Pt.2

The programme looks at the role of Station X in the key air and sea battles fought over and around Britain in 1941, and recalls the part played by mathematician Alan Turing in cracking Germany's naval messages.

History 08 Computer Pioneers Code Breakers at Bletchley Park Pt.3

Mathematician Alan Turing speeded up the end of the war by developing the Bombe, a machine used to automate the code-breaking process. With this new invention, British forces had enough time ot counter the enemy's immediate plans.

History 09 Computer Pioneers Code Breakers at Bletchley Park Pt.4

Bletchley Park broke the naval Enigma code in 1941 and within weeks Britain had sunk every German submarine's supply boats. German intellignece countered with a four-rota Enigma code machine and then developed a new cipher machine - Lorenz. Also looks at the role of Bletchley Park in the D Day landings and the Battle of the Atlantic.

History 10 1963 Timesharing: A Solution to Computer Bottlenecks

This vintage film features MIT Science Reporter John Fitch at the MIT Computation Center in an extended interview with MIT professor of computer science Fernando J. Corbato. The film was co-produced by WGBH (Boston) and MIT.

History 11 The Network Effect: Documentary on the Socioeconomic Impact of the Mobile Internet


History 13 ARPA Network - The Team Behind the Internet

You may know that the Internet was, in fact, created in Arlington in the 1970s. The technology was developed by the Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), now known as DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

History 14 One Person's Perspective of the History of the Internet

"History of the internet" is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet. The history is told using the PICOL icons on picol.org , which are available for download soon. On blog.picol.org you can get news about this project.
A documentary on the creation of the ARPANET which proceeded the Internet.