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Pneumatic Control

Pneumatic control is a subject that can easily be learned via the internet from content available on the world wide web. At least, that is, at a level needed by control system technicians and electricians who are not responsible for installation but only for troubleshooting.

More content to come shortly - under construction.

Lecture 01 - Gas Behavior Explained ... This lecture is very basic and explains the nature of atmosphere, compressed and uncompressed. Total comprehension is not require. Watch the lecture, learn what you can before you watch the lectures specific on pneumatic systems.

Lecture 02 - What is a Pneumatic Control System ... What are the Components? Before we look at individual components, this is a good presentation on what the systems look like and the components in a functioning system.

Lecture 03 - Types of Control Valves ... Assuming that you have an understanding of a basic pneumatic cylinder, the valves that control them are of utmost importance to the controls engineer/technician/electrician.

Lecture 04 - Directional Control Valves, Fluid Flow and Positions ...This lecture gives you a very simple explanation of the relationship between the ports on a valve body and the internal "spool" that controls flow through the valve.

Lecture 05 - Reading Pneumatic Schematic Diagrams ... Rather than wait until every component has been discussed, this presentation jumps ahead and covers small systems of valves and cylinders.

 Lesson 06 - Pneumatics Simulator ...From Science Animations .COM this presentation is limited but extremely effective in understanding simple valve function and cylinder operation.