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First Robotics Competition - 2016 "Stronghold"

This page has just enough information to pique your interest. 

What is F.I.R.S.T.? Click here to see!!!


Animation of the 2016 game. Click here to watch!!!

Here are several FRC team "reveals" of their machines for this year's game.

Team Indiana's 3 day Mentor's Build. Click here to watch!!!

Team 2403 Plasma Robotics. Click here to watch!!!

Team 5817 "Uni-Rex" Ankylosaurus. Click here to watch!!!

Designing robots and playing the game.

Robot Design Process. Click here to watch!!!

Bottom Up Robot Design. Click here to watch!!!

2013 Championship match in St Louis. Click here to watch!!!

Robots Battle Robots in World Championship Click here to watch!!!

For more information on this competition... Click here!!!

Additional information on competitions is available on the blog pages.