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LAB 104 - Basic Project Discussions and Lectures

These lectures are some of the very earliest recordings in 2007 when the editing software left a lot to be desired, not to mention the poor quality of the USB microphone used. Be patient, they will gradually improve as you progress through, first this series and then Advanced I and Advanced II that follow this series.


These lectures are for either of these two manuals.

Most of them have been removed due to poor resolution.




Basics 05 – A Tale of Two Computers, Online vs. Offline - LECTURE

From the commentary disk that accompanies the Basics Lab Manual for the PLCProfessor's website. An animated presentation of the relationship between a PC and RSLogix500 to a Micrologix PLC.  The Complete PLCLearn series includes all of the lectures that you would receive if you attended the best PLC training and a few unique to our program.  The center piece of the series is a collection of three lab project manuals. Together, they provide projects to exercise the entire set of 71 instructions available for use with the demo PLC. We try to include some of the less obvious behavior of these instructions along with the obvious. As a companion to the lab project manuals, commentaries on each lab project are available on YouTube and on disks. The manuals have divided the projects into "Basics", "Advanced I" and "Advanced II". An "Information" disk is available and it contains hardware and software manuals as well as demo software and miscellaneous documents and guides that will assist you on the job.