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RM 103 - Hardware Learning Stations

 There are several choices for building a digital field device simulator. This you need to execute the projects in any of our sets of lab projects. Six switches to simulate inputs and six indicators (lights) to simulate the state of outputs controlled by you logic.

1. You could purchase a kit, such as the one at the link below...

Digital Field Device Simulator DFDS-24-1 

...and watch this series of nine videos to...

assemble the kit.

2. You could build your own with an electronics hobby box and the parts shown in the following three videos. This one was originally designed for the 10-Point Micrologix1000...you can still purchase this controller used on EBay. This controller can be programmed with the free version of Micro Starter (Lite), but it does not support Ethernet communications not does it support online programming. You could also use it with the Micrologix1100 which does support both Ethernet communications and online programming.

TS01 - Build a PLC Training Station w/Switches only

3. Although an actual PLC with lights and switches is the most optimum platform for learning to program a PLC, a simulator will suffice in a financial pinch. This video describes the process of downloading the appropriate software from Rockwell Automation, using it in the Windows 7 environment, running the three individual applications to achieve a functional RSLogix500/MicroLogix1000/1100 simulator. This video production was unscripted and unrehearsed. The simulator will work with the lab project manuals available from our website.

TS02 - RSLogix500 Emulator

This next pair of videos gives an in-depth explanation of how your training station functions for you.

TS03 Pt.1 - Training Station Technology Explained

TS03 Pt.2 - Training Station Technology Explained

This next pair of videos takes you through step by step building a hardware trainer with a MicroLogix1000, but unlike TS01, this project maxes out the I/O with all of the bells and whistles. 

TS04 Pt.1 Build a Trainer w/Switches & Lights