We assist companies in developing their training programs. There are thousands of these manuals in circulation.
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Train the Trainer - RSLogix500, RSLogix5000, Studio5000, Servo Motion, Connected Components Workbench, Micro800 & Panelviews Variable Frequency Drives

Be the PLC champion for your production facility. Work directly with the PLC Professor, one on one or in a group, and learn his approach to teaching adults and classroom delivery techniques first hand.

Return to your group of learners having gleaned 50 years of experience first hand.

The PLC Professor has thousands of hours on the shop floor working with other engineers, technicians and electricians to commission PLC controlled systems as well as the day to day factory floor support of the installed base, from PLC2 through PLC3, PLC5, SLC100/150, SLC500, Micrologix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix, Panelviews (every family ever sold by AB) and Variable Frequency Drives.

The PLC Professor began teaching in the Marine Corps and continued after his discharge, and, of all the subjects unrelated to PLCs, the M60 machine gun to reservists.

He will help you develop your power points with animated graphics created with Visio and copied into Power Point and Word documents. How to effectively write an appropriate lab project document using both Visio graphics and screen captures with SnagIt. How to determine the best equipment to use for your training getting the most bang for the buck.

Use the "Who We Are" tab and "Contact Us" for a direct consultation. He will also show you how to build your own training stations saving you thousands of dollars in your training budget.