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Studio 001 - Connected Components Workbench w/Micro800 Controllers Part #1

Current dates for this online interface with learners, begins on Tuesday October 13, 2020.

You may join these conferences after the start date. The schedule may change based on the preferences of those registered on or before the start date.

This is a hybrid course; technical lectures, hands-on lab projects, lab project wrap up lectures/discussions and live online contact with the teacher. This live interface is subject to change and cancelation. Minimum registry is 10 seats.

Those who meet the prerequisites will receive an invitation to log in to regular scheduled Zoom/Google Meet discussions. The live discussions will be scheduled for two days per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm EST. On occasion, an early Saturday session at 11amEST, might be scheduled for a catchup session.

If you have no prior experience with PLCs, you need to watch the following series first.

Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers technology...

In the case of a holiday, that one session will be shifted to accommodate the holiday.

The prerequisites, currently, having proof of purchase of the course manual and a subscription to the lectures at the site listed under the courses tab on this website.

You will not receive an automated invitation to the live sessions. You will have to send us an email requesting the invitation and include your order number for the manual and attach your receipt for the subscription to the lecture series.

There is no charge for this service but it is limited to those learners who have prepared for it with the manuals and video lectures at these links:

Connected Components Workbench w/Micro800 Controllers Part #1

Lecture Series for CCW w/Micro800 Part #1

If you have the 2nd Edition set of manuals...You can use those with this course but you still need to subscribe to the Lecture Series.

The class schedule, tentatively, is as follows:

Week One

The list following each day contains the topics discussed on that day. They are to be completed prior to that day. They are not assignments for the next discussion.

Tuesday - Discuss Syllabus and Distance Learning Requirements
Thursday's Discussions

  1. D1 A Historical Summary of Industrial Control, Pg 11-15. 
  2. #5 What does a PLC do ? 6m
  3. D2 Automation in Manufacturing, Pg 16-19.
  4. #6 Input Field Devices 7m
  5. D3 Understanding your Controllers RAM, Pg 20-22.
  6. #7 Output Devices 7m
  7. D4 How PLCs function, Pg 23-25.
  8. #8 PLC Hardware 10m
  9. D5 Introduction to Continuity, Pg 26-34.
  10. #9 Ladder Logic Diagrams 13m
  11. #10 What Is a PLC 22m
  12. RSLinx, An Overview P 37-42      
  13. Connected Components Workbench P 48 -52
  14. #12 Find & Download CCW 10m

Week Two

Tuesday's Discussions

  1.  #13 What is the Simulator 10m
  2. #14 Testing your Simulator 11m
  3. #15 Comm with the Sim 7m
  4. #16 CCW Garage Door Peek 11m

Thursday's Discussions

  1. M1 Explore your First Project … P 70 - 75                                           
  2. #17 CCW RSLinx 11m
  3. #18 M1 Creating a Project 36m
  4. M2 Creating your First Program & Rung… P 76 - 87                         
  5. #19 M2 1st program-rung 40m

Week Three

Tuesday's Discussions

  1. M3 Ladder Logic Diagrams P 88 - 93
  2. #20 M3 Ladder Logic Diagrams 30m             
  3. M4 Ladder Logic Diagrams with In/Out P 94 - 98
  4. #21 M4 Ladder Logic w/I-O 28m

Thursday's Discussions

  1. M5 Buffering your I/O Images P100 – 105#22
  2. M5 How & Why Buffer I/O 32m
  3. Logical Statements, A Review P106         
  4. M6a Garage Door Opener & Buffering I/O P109 - 121
  5. #23 M6a Garage Door Proj. 32m
  6. Review
  7. M6d First Timer P147 - 149
  8. #26 M6d Gar Dr-1st Timer 42m

Week Four

Tuesday's Discussions

  1. M7 Garage More Timers P155 - 161
  2. #27 M7 More Timers 24m

Thursday's Discussions

  1. M9 Creating a Template P 170-171
  2. #29 M9 & M10 Template 48m
  3. M10 A practical example of seal-in logic P 172-179
  4. #29 M9 & M10 Seal-in logic

Week Five

Tuesday's Discussions

  1. Review
  2. M11 Challenge #1 Part #1, P180-186
  3. #30 Challenge #1 Part #1

Thursday's Discussions

  1. M11b Challenge #1 Part #2, P187-199
  2. #31 Challenge #1 Part #2
  3. M12 CTU & CTD, P200-206
  4. #32 CTU & CTD

Week Six

Tuesday's Discussions

  1. M13 One Shot, P206-220
  2. #33 M13a Coil Types
  3. #34 M13b One Shot
  4. #35 M13c One Shot Application

Thursday's Discussions

  1. M14 Practical Example TON, P225-227
  2. #36 Practical Example TON
  3. M15a RTO, P228-229
  4. M15b Practical Example RTO
  5. #37 Practical Example RTO 

Week Seven

Tuesday's Discussions

  1. Review
  2. M16 Flashy Lights, P234-235

Thursday's Discussions

  1. Emulator Demo - Configure I/O Wiring
  2. Preview of Connected Components Workbench w/Micro800 Part #2