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RM 105 - Software

We do not sell software, it can only be purchased directly from your local Rockwell Automation distributor.

Each of the three hardware platforms have their own unique programming software package. The first two are 90% identical in format and programming rules. The third, Connected Components Workbench is radically different in format and programming rules. Everything that you learn with #1 applies to #2 but #1 (Micrologix w/Micro Starter) is easier to learn and less expensive to acquire and the installed base in the workplace is extensive.

1. SLC500 and Micrologix controllers...


RSLogix500 programs all SLC500 controllers and all of the Micrologix Controllers and it is very expensive.

Micro Starter programs all MicroLogix Controllers and can be purchased from you local Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) distributor for under $200.00.

Micro Starter Lite programs  only the MicroLogix1000/1100 controllers and is free if you can find it to download from the Rockwell Automation site. A USB Memory stick with hardware manuals and a copy of the free software ,Micro Starter Lite, is available with Volume #1 of the RS500 project manual with an upcharge.

2. ControlLogix and CompactLogix controllers...


RSLogix/Studio5000 & LogixDesigner programs all CompactLogix and ControlLogix controllers and there are no free versions. The Mini version is less than $1,000.00 but it programs just the CompactLogix.

3. Micro800, Panelview800 and Powerflex VFDs...

Connected Components Workbench programs all Micro800, Panelview800 Powerflex52x and CR30 safety relays. There is a Standard Version the you can download free from the Rockwell Automation site and a Developer's Version that you can purchase from your local Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) distributor.