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RM 01 - Basic Mathematics by Math Antics

These lectures are provided here for those who have not used math for awhile and need to brush up. We assume no previous level to begin, and so at the beginning. Skip...fast forward as needed.

These lectures are the property of Math Antics, this hopefully will take a little of the boredom out of the subject matter.

Math 00 - What is Arithmetic?

This is a very rudimentary introduction to the process of mathematics, add, subtract, multiplication and division. This is a good review for adults who want to sharpen their mindset for more advanced math subjects.

Math 01 - Order of Operations

This lecture covers the basics of the rules of math governing the order that you execute the different operators in a mathematical expression, which comes first, add, subtract multiply or divide.

Math 02 - Factoring

Whereas Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide are operations involving at least two numbers, Factoring is an operation on one value or number. It is the methodology of breaking down one number or value into smaller numbers that when multiplied will equal the number that you are "Factoring". This is extremely valuable when working with fractions. You will see.

Math 03 - Prime Factorization

Add, subtract, multiply and divide are operations with more than one number. Factoring is on operation on a single number, breaking it down into the smallest whole numbers that when multiplied together equals the number that you "factored". Prime factors are factors that cannot themselves be factored beyond their value and the number "1".

Math 04 - Multi-Digit Addition

Although adding single digit numbers is relatively easy, you could do it visually or with your fingers and toes, working with larger whole numbers requires a logical procedure. That is the subject of this lecture.

Math 05 - Multi-Digit Subtraction

Subtraction of one whole number from another is slightly more complex, in that you must stack the two values in the proper order.

Math 06 - Multi-Digit Multiplication Part #1

Multiplying a single digit number by another single digit number is well covered in the multiplication table or as we called it when we were children, the times table. This lecture discusses the procedure of multiplying whole numbers each with more than one digit or even a multi-digit multiplied by a single digit.

Math 07 - Multi-Digit Multiplication Part #2

Multi-digit multiplied by another multi-digit, continued from Part #1.

Math 08 - Basic Division

With multiplication we introduced a step by step procedure to accomplish the result. Division of multi-digit numbers involves a procedure that is a little more complex. After listening to this lecture, you might want to repeat the two previous lectures on multiplication and this lecture immediately following.

Math 9 - Long Division

Dividing a single digit number by a single digit number is really easy, save the remainder if you are allowing decimal fractions. However division with multiple digit numbers is a very tight procedure, once learned it not forgotten.

Math 10 - Negative Numbers

Negative numbers only make sense on the number line. This is very important if you are pursuing a technical skill.

Math 11 - Adding and Subtracting Integers

This is more complex because we now have negative numbers in the operation. Slow down and repeat this lecture until you feel comfortable explaining it to another person.

Math 12 - Integer Multiplication and Division

Again, we have added negative numbers into the operations. But... The process is simpler than it was with addition and subtraction.