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Our Classroom Hardware - PLC - PAC - VFD

Not all of this hardware is available in every class, just the classes where it is appropriate to the learning objectives. Some of this equipment is available only with custom onsite classes. These images do not represent all of our hardware and we are continually upgrading the existing stations as well as adding new hands on opportunities. We have divided the images into three categories; RSLogix500, RSLogix5000 and everything else.

RSLogix500 - Micro Starter

This is the standard 1766-L32BXB hardware training station with field extended I/O and universal digital field device simulator: Green and blue terminals for unused digital I/O, White terminals for PWM/PTO I/O applications and Orange terminals for High Speed Counter applications. Some of these features are available in the advanced courses and for custom onsite classes.

Our Micrologix Galaxy Station...All five controllers from the MicroLogix family of controllers and Ethernet interfaces to use with the controllers that do not support Ethernet. Each controller has field extended I/O for exceptions as well as connecting to a universal digital field device simulator.

PowerFlex525 w/Ethernet/IP, field extended I/O and manual control station. Manual control integration with some controllers and Ethernet/IP integration with others. All of the control terminals are extended to terminal blocks for flexibility with lab projects. The same is true of our operator stations. The operator stations can be used with our PLC/PAC hardware training stations as well.

1761-L32BXBA with the Universal Analog Field Device Simulator. Custom onsite classes only.

The "Naked PLC"... one of several different "pass arounds" during class...



This is the standard RSLogix5000 hardware training station: !769-L32E processor, combination digital and combination analog I/O modules. We use the universal analog field device simulators with a prewired RTBN to connect to that analog card when needed for custom onsite classes. All digital I/O field extended for the highest level of flexibility with VFDs and other external field devices.

Universal Analog Field Device Simulator used with any of our learning stations for custom onsite classes.

PowerFlex525 Variable Frequency Drive with Ethernet/IP integration, Premier Integration with RSLogix5000. We have five of these stations to allow a maximum of two learners per hands on station.


One of several Ethernet/IP Point I/O Integration Stations. We put our universal digital field device simulators to every good use of which we can think.

ControlLogix Chassis Demos

These demos were designed to give the learners access to some very specific features of the passive backplane and its galaxy of modules: optimized chassis, multiple processors, sharing I/O between processors, etc...All of the digital I/O modules are different, some diagnostic, some electronically fused, some isolated points...three different OB16 and three different IB16 modules.

ControlLogix Demo Chassis #1... 1756-IB16, OB16I, ENBT, L61 processor, SERCOS motion module, DNB and a second L61 processor. Universal digital field device simulator connected to the input and output modules.

ControlLogix Demo Chassis #2... 1756-OB16E, IB16, ENBT, L61 processor, IB16D diagnostic input module, OB16D diagnostic output module. Universal digital field device simulator connected to the input and output modules, three inputs to each and three outputs to each. We have a cadre of other 1756 modules when appropriate including ControlNet and Analog.

We are continually improving our equipment and adding new!!!

Our greatest challenge is building equipment that is easily shipped.

Everything else...

Motor Control Workstations...the manual operators have their terminals extended to terminal blocks for ease of wiring to a variety of devices that snap on the din rails to the right of the operator stations.

We have recently replaced the Amber lit NO/NC momentary pushbutton with a 10K potentiometer to use these stations with our VFDs.

This is an older unit connected as a reversing motor starter. This is an example of where we upgraded from four operators to six to improve the learning experience

Motor Control Troubleshooting Stations - These simulators, unique in the training industry, operate identical to a three phase reversing starter circuit. The instructor by way of an HMI selects specific simulated faults individually on each of five stations. When the learner has determined the electrical failure by both operating the circuit and with a DVM, the learners advise the instructor of their conclusion, if correct the instructor clears the fault and selects a new one or advises the learner to continue troubleshooting. The faults are selected in less than five seconds, no one leaves the room while the instructor moves jumpers around like they did in the old days, these stations each have a MicroLogix1400 internally that receive their direction from one central HMI via Ethernet from the instructor.

Five troubleshooting stations, typically no more than two learners per station.

A four position selector switch allows the learners to switch between a good three phase motor and three different faults.


Testing the five troubleshooting stations, a PanleviewPlus in the foreground, connected to five ML1400 via Ethernet/IP, indicates that the fault for IP - is being configured from the three lists of faults on the Panelview screen. We design and build all of our hardware learning stations, allowing us the greatest flexibility of use and ease of maintenance and improvements.

Fresh out of the PLC Professor's fab shop are Electrical Measurement Stations. These provide a hands on experience with test equipment, in this case, a DVM and Current Clamp.