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Learn Programmable Automation Controllers w/RSLogix5000

To adequately learn this subject, you need hands on experience...That is, writing programs (RSLogix5000), configuring a communications driver (RSLinx), using the correct cable, downloading the program to a controller (PAC w/ I/O) and having the system execute as you expected (envisioned when you wrote the ladder logic).

1. You need access to a suitable computer to run the software on...Windows 7 or 10 recommended.

2. This means that you need to pick a category of hardware to work with:

  • Compactlogix V20 and earlier...best choice cost and otherwise.
    • 1769-L32E/35E...and I/O modules...best choice, supports Ethernet/IP.
    • 1769-L31...and I/O modules...second choice, RS232 only.
  • Compactlogix V21 (Studio) and later...second best choice, more expensive hardware.
  • Controllogix V20 and earlier...Expensive software...
  • Controllogix V21 (Studio) and later...Expensive hardware and software

3. Once you have settled on a specific controller (processor and I/O), you need a digital field device simulator (lights and switches) to connect to the inputs and outputs of the system. Design and build your own or you can purchase one of ours. Digital Field Device Simulator. You also need power to both the controller and the DFDS. If you purchase the recommended DFDS, it comes with a 24vdc power adapter that can be extended to a 1769-PB2 power supply.

4. Purchase the software from your local AB (Rockwell Automation) distributor.

5. You need a serial cable to connect the controller to your computer:

  • A USB to RS323 CP3 type cable...all Micrologix have a PM02 type connector.
  • ...AND if you have either the of L32E or L35E, they support Ethernet communications and those cables can be found easily, even some large grocery stores have them in home supply.

6. And you need lectures to watch, under the Classrooms tab "Programmable Logic Controllers" on the main menu.

7. After you have watched enough lectures to inspire you into action...You need a lab project manual, RS5000 for the Beginner and later, RS5000 Beginner Plus. If you want a more compressed manual with less basics, then use the Collegiate Edition instead of the two above. This manual is used in Universities.

8. You can purchase disk sets, RS5000 Lab Discussions disk set and watch the discussions after you complete the projects. That set is for the first volume and the disk set for the "Plus" will be added in 2018.

9. There are two manuals that provide lab projects on more advanced subjects, RS5000 Advanced Volume One and RS5000 Advanced Volume Two, each with accompanying discussion disk sets Volume One Lectures and Volume Two Lectures.