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55 - Panelview800 - Micro800 - Powerflex525 Integration with Connected Components Workbench


NEW!!! Available Now!

This manual is a companion to the set of CCW w/Micro800 manuals ...OR...can be used as a stand alone learning resource. The projects in this new manual are integrated with the Micro800 projects in Pt1 and Pt2 of the Connected Components Workbench manuals. At key points in the 2nd Edition of the Micro800 set, Pt1 & Pt2, you are directed to go aside to this new manual and configure HMI screens that use the projects that you just created in the Micro800 projects manual. However, there is enough code presented in the new manual that you could complete just the projects in the manual as long as you are up to speed on the Micro800 and that you have a Panelview800 HMI to work with.

If you have the 1st Edition of the set of CCW w/Micro800 and you order this manual by itself, we will include a cross reference to associate the projects in this manual to the 1st Edition set.

The manual also has extensive projects integrating the PowerFlex525 VFD with the Micro800 (820 or better) and the Panelview800. This manual also includes the complete set of hardwired PF525 projects with enough information to build your own PF525 learning station.

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