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The Complete PLCLearn Series, a Hands-On Training system that will allow almost anyone to learn how to program a Programmable Logic Controller using RS500!
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• writing a program,
• configuring a *
communications driver,
• downloading the program,
• going online,
• flipping switches
• and seeing the program behave as expected
Nothing builds confidence like:
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Over 200 pages of Lab Projects! 71 lab projects demonstrating all 71 instructions available with the MicroLogix 1000/1100 processor. Easy instructions to build your own hardware trainer. 12 lecture videos - 46 lab discussion videos - 20 support videos, most of them free on YouTube.
Start Learning to Program a PLC Today! Click here to order your manuals and then start watching the lectures.
The Complete PACLearn Series, a Hands-On Training system that begins where the Complete PLCLearn Series stopped and transitions into RS5000.
189 pages of Lab Projects demonstrating the basics of RS5000, especially the character and personality of the information object structure of the tag database of the Logix Engine. Video disks available with discussion of each lab project.
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